in Arsene we _____?

going or staying
the man we’ve all known for a long time

Leicester Champions!!!!! Huh? Well if you’re just recovering from a long sleep( i don’t know how that’s possible) or hibernation, well, nice you could make it, you’re in the real world now(Leicester champions!) so don’t be terrified and don’t do anything stupid yet! Now, how did this happen? how in the world is it even possible! Well i don’t know maybe its a sign from God, who knows?

Chelsea, Man utd, City, Liverpool, even Tottenham or Everton. Nope its Leicester(its a beautiful thing if you’ll ask me) the neutrals club, highly under-rated by the so called big boys or big Four, whatever you choose to call them(we have to raname them). Now everybody knows the direction to look at in timess like this and yes you guessed right its Wenger’s FACE.

We all know that Arsene doesn’t change, yep! he’s the constant in a  highly unpredictable that changes every seconds, but nobody needs say a bit about that at all, we all knw that by now. so we take a look at Le Prof. Everybody in the football world; what is wengers issue with Leicester winning the league? whats wrong? whats his problem? lets hear it from you. how would you rate his season and the EPL as a whole.

#wengerout #wengerstays #balltalkblog #leicesterchampions


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