Barcelona striker Luis Suarez admits he “lied” to his wife about Giorgio Chiellini bite incidentLuis Suarez lied to his wife about the infamous bite incident involving himself and Giorgio Chiellini, the Barcelona striker has admitted.

Suarez and Chiellini clashed off the ball during a group stage match between Uruguay and Italy at the 2014 World Cup, with video replays proving that the striker had sunk his teeth into his opponent’s shoulder.

I lied to my Wife - Luis Suarez

Chiellini showed his bite marks to the referee but Suarez wasn’t sent off, although he was handed a retrospective four-month ban from football and a nine-game international suspension.

Suarez, who has previously served bans for biting during his Ajax and Liverpool days, was so disgusted with his actions that he couldn’t tell his wife that the allegations were true.

“It hurt a lot,” Suarez told Sport. “[My kids] kept asking me why I wasn’t playing. To be honest, it really hurt. Above all, because I am not like that, I am a softy and my family know that.

I lied to my Wife - Luis Suarez
Pichichi award

“My kids know that their dad is a human being and he makes mistakes and they know anyone can make mistakes.

“I hurt Sofia because I lied to her. She asked me [about the bite] and I denied it. I had trouble believing it, let alone saying it. I couldn’t understand it. I hurt her because she knew I wasn’t like that. [The press] even asked her how I was at home.

Luis Suarez and his wife Sofia celebrates the birthday of their first daughter Delfina

“They could have been thinking anything. And that hurts. Everyone has their way of playing, their character. If I wasn’t as I am, I wouldn’t have arrived where I here [Barcelona].”

“You can punish someone, suspend them, but to stop them going to a training centre, for example, to see my nephew train, that seems so unfair to me. I didn’t understand it. Not at all,” Suarez added.

“Give me 10, 15, 20 games [ban], but to treat me how they treated me hurt. And when I had the trials with FIFA’s lawyers, giving their reasons, it was even worse. I am aware that I made a mistake but I am also aware I am a human being.

“They have to understand that. They have to put themselves in someone’s skin and realise how it hurts. I didn’t go to the FIFA gala and I will never go again. I have no problem saying I will never go to a FIFA gala.”


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